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Ok, well. Its been a while. How are you? Cleavage like WOAH?!? Good.

So news. Well, most biggest is that Helz and I split up a week or two ago, as some of you know. I suppose it was a while in coming, and we both seem to be doing fine, except for my own perpetual boredness and Helz' relationship worries. We're both still good friends, which is the important thing.

News stemming from that is that I now sleep on the coutch:P

Jaded Scenesters has launched. No proper update schedule yet but im aiming for one every 7 days. The new one can be found here, along with the old devArt ones that are just plain ruuude!:

Got a new tattoo, a lemming, which I will post pictures of when its done scabbing *nods*

So, how are you guys?
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