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Remember your a womble

So i saw turner and a wee bit o vicky this weekend, a week end that included the best cover band ever (BAR NONE!), some great comedy, and a broken ps2 pad. I had an ace time, it was good to have somethin glike a wee holiday.

im sat in bed now (meow! hah) its warm but my hands a freezing. i was trying to do my roleplaying over on murpg but the cold made me flick onto LJ...a sign, i tihkn so!

my character is asskicknig on murpg. I just got the pheonix force mofos. which caused a thread crossover so EVERYONE IS TALKNIG ABOUT ME! Well, sophie (my character).Which is good, coz im an egomaniac. a closet egomaniac. a ha.

lost was ace today, but ill say no mor ebout it incase you aint seen it yet. I think im getting duller. I was talking to nina tuther day and, like, i was boring myself. ive lost my serendipity i think.

Im wondering alot about dead mercredi. duncan was saying about having an ep done by christmas, but i just cant see it happening. we hardly ever practice and he is woefully underconfident as a guitarist, and often "isnt in the mood" which is a shame because when hes talking about it he seems motivated. fucking bands.

Alkaline Trio are this month and i wanna see em but i doubt i can afford it. what with christmas and that. need to get round to the bank. yes yes yes.

feels like i dont talk to anyone anymore. im usually online about nowish so i guess i gotsta find some usually on nowish online friends, and some free.during.weekdays real life friends. man im a loser for having no friends. no excuses. garble.
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