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*dave navarro is good at guitar*


Why dont we all watch more cartoons? ive started downloading tenchi muyo and tenchi universe, im watching the series's through in order. bo-ya. its great stuff. Cartoon Network rock my socks, but its bewildering the amount of stuff that sucks thats always on, and the awesome stuff that they take of.

That MEGAS XLR was cancelled does actually, really, make me a little sadder.

Im pretty content at the moment. the past few days have been hard work, so im glad im chilling out now. i dont feel guilty for it. I got in at, like, 1720, and its 1936 now and i havnt moved from one chair.

Garden of Eden by GnR is pretty awesome. Its the only GnR song I like. apart from that bit in welcome to the jungle. and the beginning of you could be mine. aye.

Alkaline Trio. Missed them live. can you spell gutted? I think, with reflection, Good Mourning wasnt that good an album, but crimson is solid. That said, its a pretty long album, and i do have to be in the mood to listen to it all. i usually skip the slower tracks, but then, i always do. when im playin maybe ill catch fire, i dont bother listenin to radio. i still love it, but. you know.

Derek Grant is pretty much god though. Second best drummer ever! I was listenin to from here to infirmary and mike felume (?) doesnt quite *go*, you know? The best drum tracks, Arrmageddon and Private Eye, are basically the same. Arrmageddon should have prolly been a single, but the trio release odd choices as singles. The strongest single theyve recorded, hating every minute, is stuck on some split ep. and Sadie is rereleased. I bet thats the next single. fucken sadie.

Im still writing my movie! i have *scenes*.

Ask me if you can read it sometime. its all in a lil blue book. so obviously, youd have to actually see me IN PERSON, IN FULL EFFECT, STEVIE B IN THE HIZOUSE!

My mini playlist:
1. Guns n Roses / Garden of Eden
2. Head Automatica / Bleeding Heart Baby
3. The Henry Rollins Band / Liar
4. Janes Addiction / Been Caught Stealing
5. Joy Division / Love will tear us apart
6. The Ragtime Revolutionarys / Megas XLR Theme
7. Jesus built my hotrod (I forget who)
8. Primus / Tommy the Cat (Live)
9. Streetlight Manifesto / A Moment of Silence
10. Puffy AmiYummi / full Teen Titans theme
11. The Prodigy / Girls
12. Kyuss / Demon Cleaner
13. Green Day / Hitchin' a Ride
14. Snake River Conspiracy / Vulcan
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