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Guess what I got for valentines

The answer is NOTHING unlucky if you guessed like. you were totally wrong, unless you said nothing. In which case cheers, for thinkin automatically im an unwanted goomba!

That said, I didnt send any gifts out like. i thought about sending one to the hipwiggling green streak girl, but that didnt fit on a card, plus i dunno her name, plus i wanna neck off with someone, line up line up!

The chick in the serenity poster is doing thi sorta ninja pose, you neer see naked people do that pose. itd be interesting, for live-art and that.

Anyway, main reason for bullitining is that ive got this comic.

check it out like and leave some comments. in the forum. If you look in the archive, there are lots and lots of old MSPaint comics. Canny crude some of them, dont show your ma. I have this polite schtick going with parents and i dont want you ruining it for me or there will be deaths.

Ive got the doctors tomorra, cant eat until after it, been hungry since midnight. which is when my fast began. Kicked ass on smash bros like.


Go download Atom and His Package - Happy Birthday Ralph.

"Happy Birthday Ralph...I LOVE YOU! Even though you are FUCKING disgusting." Its heartwarming. hearts cannot be failed to be warmed.
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